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A compact or mini portable printer make the way printed information is stored and shared much easier. How many times are you in the middle of a process and suddenly wish you had a printer nearby? With a compact or mini portable printer, this problem is easily solved across a wide range of industries as they allow you to print critical information on the go without the need for heavy cartridges and paper packs. This blog post will look at how a mini portable printer is used for weighing applications and the benefits they provide. 

How Do Portable Printers Benefit Weighing Applications?

Mini portable printers can be configured to suit a range of weighing applications. They can be paired with weighing instruments, industrial scales, and weighbridges to print critical information for manufacturers and clients alike. The benefits of portable printers are plentiful, especially allowing users to print information on the spot for immediate safekeeping.

Other key benefits of portable printers include the following:

There is a selection of mini portable printers available that can be used for a wide range of applications and industries, including weighing applications. Portable printers can be used as standalone devices or integrated into existing systems, offering flexibility and choice to those who require them. In the following section, we outline the range of printers available.

Martel Instruments: Portable Printers

We are among the world’s leading thermal printer manufacturers, and we continuously develop innovative printing solutions for a global market. These printers are ideal for the weighing industry and can be used in weighbridge printers, pallet trucks, and vehicles. We provide a wide range of compact portable printers, all of which can be fully customised to meet your requirements. 

Bluetooth Printer

The name is a giveaway, but Bluetooth printers use Bluetooth connectivity for printing services wherever necessary. Users can carry the printer with them as they go about their day, saving time running back and forth to a fixed printer. These are particularly useful in the automotive and medical sectors.

Compact Portable Printers 

Compact portable printers are versatile and suitable for various applications on the move. They do not need replacement cartridges and are small enough not to need large packs of paper. Compact portable printers can be configured for various printing purposes, including labels, graphics, and tickets.

Handheld Printer

The benefits of handheld printers are plentiful. They are lightweight, portable, and can be manufactured to your specific requirements to support various printing applications. Handheld printers are perfect for weighing applications in the weighing industry but are also commonly used in the food and beverage, industrial, and medical sectors.

Label Printer

Label printers are ideal if you need a quick and easy way to store important data. For weighing applications, label printers are quick and efficient and can be carried around with ease. These devices are often used to print measurements of vehicles and their components like wheels and axles.

Receipt Printer

If a weight measurement needs to be included on a receipt, these printers will allow just that. Receipt printers can be standalone portable printers or integrated into existing systems, offering full flexibility to the end user.

Ticket Printer

Ticket printers are versatile and used in an endless number of applications. They are available in different sizes and can be customised based on your requirements. Ticket printers are ideal for printing weight measurements in a weighbridge system.

Contact us today for more information on how our portable printers can support your weighing applications.