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Printers for large weighing.

Whether it’s breath alcohol testing for law enforcement, workplace testing and medical facilities or roadside drug testing, our printers can be relied upon to support your device in order to print the exact test results time and time again.

No matter where your toxicology test needs to be conducted, our printers will be manufactured to suit your equipment and can be portable, handheld or integrated directly into your device. Multiple connectivity options are available and test results are produced on thermal paper or labels.

Why Martel?

MPP5800 2-inch Panel Printer

The MPP5800 series is a compact printer solution that integrates into devices requiring extra printing functionality. Dimensions are 82mm(w) x 60mm (d) x 85mm (h) and this range comes with the benefit of being able to support a larger roll of up to 58mm.

Key Features
58mm diameter roll support
Easy load paper feature
Up to 25m paper roll length
KWik clip mounts and panel screw mounts
Compatible with thermal paper or label rolls
Further customisation options available
Available in any order quantity

The MCP1800

One of our more popular models used in the automotive industry is our MCP1800 printer series  Designed for maximum versatility, the unit is capable of many different modes of operation and numerous international character sets and barcodes are selectable. Paper changing is simplified by the hinged front to the robust moulded enclosure which incorporates a detachable roller facilitating an easy open paper feature. Lightweight and portable with extensive communication options, accessories for mounting the printer or adding further protection to ensure safe use in rugged environments are also available.