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Your Data.
Where it Needs to Be.

We build solutions far more advanced than simple OEM data loggers.  Our solutions allow you to transport results data from origin equipment into a variety of data systems. Our custom-built hardware and software can be configured according to your exact needs, compliance and process protocols.

OEM data loggers

OEM Equipment Development

Building a new product and need to transport results data from your machine? Our solutions do a whole deal more than just an OEM data logger – we can be involved from any point of your project to build an integrated or stand-alone solution that adds value to your creation. Data output and interrogation is increasingly important to all end users and we have the expertise and experience to incorporate technology to meet this need into your end solution.

Legacy/Aged Equipment

New internal data requirements and processes can leave existing equipment obsolete, if they do not have the connections or communications protocols to speak to the end data systems or traditional OEM data loggers. Our solutions can bridge the gap between the two. We have in-house engineering, software developer and manufacturing capabilities to understand and adapt your machinery.



Vida is the custom-built hardware that powers all of our electronic data solutions. A combination of circuitry, operating system, memory and connections it has been developed with the modern manufacturer in mind. It is extremely adaptable to a number of applications and physical uses, and is found in our Databox, Labbox, Module and Connect-It products. It is entirely configurable and programmable depending on our client requirements and the data inputs and outputs it needs to handle.

Our Electronic Data Solutions

Our powerful data transfer technology is available in a range of portable, fixed, integrated and stand-alone options, dependent on your need for data transfer and OEM data loggers.  Whether you simply need sophisticated OEM data loggers, or to make your own OEM equipment into a wireless device or if you need a full screen and interface to interact with your data, we have the solution.

VIDA Module

Our VIDA module is a enhanced PCB that can be installed directly into your OEM equipment to create a wireless data connection for the transfer of your results data to end systems.

VIDA Labbox

Labbox is an innovative way to link your existing laboratory equipment (such as analytical balances, torque and pH meters) to any LIMS or ELN system and automatically transfer the results data, such as sample data, barcode sample identification, time stamp and user.

VIDA Databox

Databox is a paperless, automated system that takes testing and analysis data from your OEM equipment and transports it how and where you need it to be.

VIDA Connect-it

Vida Connect-it is a small device that connects to your equipment to play the role of a virtual printer, creating documents of your results data and transporting them where you need them to be. No more printing and scanning of results outputs to store them in your end systems. Connect-it can be plugged into any instrumentation via USB and saves data as PDF documents instantaneously. This data can then be saved to a USB stick or configured to be sent directly to a folder in your internal database.

How is VIDA used?

Using our core Databox, Labbox, Module and Connect-It products, VIDA is able to power the transfer and transposal of results data between most equipment and data systems. Here are just some of the use cases in which it is found.

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Need to print your results instead?

As established thermographic printer manufacturers, we can design and make printers to your exact equipment specifications, from full software integration through to the branding of the printer itself. We have the design and engineering in-house teams to build integrated solutions for your devices, and the ongoing support packages to ensure you have a lifetime of care.

  • In-house design team
  • Full UK manufacture
  • Excellent customer service & support

Why Martel?

An end-to-end service

We offer a complete solution for commercial printers, from design and prototyping to the manufacture of your printer - all with the reality of commercial lead times and costs at front of mind.

Expert ongoing support

Our team of experts will support you from initial enquiry through to ongoing support, with our responsive and knowledgeable technical support service. We take on the technical for you.

No minimum order quantity

We manufacture all our printers in-house and on demand, this means we offer flexibility of supply whether you want 10 or 1000 printers!

Continuity of supply

You can be confident that your Martel Instruments printing solution is a reliable investment for the long-term, meaning you’ll never have the time-consuming and costly task of trying to replace a printer or peripheral product that’s been discontinued.

A trusted provider

Established in 1982, Martel Instruments is an established manufacturer and supplier with extensive experience across a breadth of sectors.