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Panel Printers

Add value to your equipment with integrated panel printers

panel printers

Quick & reliable printing of your machine data output

Our range of thermographic panel printers has been designed in line with the needs of modern day equipment manufacturers. Manufactured here in the UK and available in a range of sizes and final specifications, they are ideally suited to many applications, including industrial and autoclave fabrications. The simplest method of building a miniprinter into your equipment, they integrate easily with existing technology and instrument fascia. Our panel printers deliver quick and reliable printing of any testing/data output, giving you a hard copy version of your machine’s results and/or records.

Quick & reliable data outputs

Manufactured here in the UK and available in a range of sizes and final specifications, our mobile thermographic printers are ideally suited to many applications across a range of sectors.

Need your results transferring electronically instead?

View our range of automated data results transfer solutions, available as both integrated and stand-alone solutions

Our panel printers

Our 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch panel printers are available in a range of different panel widths, panel depths, connections and output sizes. The range has been designed to emulate popular software protocol and industry-standard dimensions, but all of our products are further configurable to your needs if required. One of the key benefits of our panel printers is the ease in which they can be installed – using a “hole-in-the-wall” style solution within your equipment fascia.

Incorporating a fixed head mechanism with an “Easy open” paper feature and a range of mounting options our panel mount family printers can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of applications.
Designed for maximum versatility, they print in a wide range of languages and character sizes and numerous font stylings can be applied to text and graphics. Barcodes are supported in a number of formats, making the panel mount family suitable for printing receipts, machine performance reports or lab test results.

To provide easy integration into a customer’s equipment or product, panel mount printers have a number of power supply and communication interface configurations with a range of connector types. Power supply options include 5Vdc or 10-35Vdc supply, providing fast printing. The communication interface consists of USB and configurable RS232 serial.
Paper changing is made easy by the use of a hinged front to the robust, molded enclosure. Combined with high reliability this makes the panel mount family suitable for equipment where downtime must be kept to a minimum.

Printer panels product features…
Quiet, non-impact system
Maintenance free, high reliability
Compact and light weight
2, 3 or 4-Inch models
Adjustable clip and panel screw mounting
High resolution thermal printing
Prints text, graphics and barcodes
Adjustable character sizes and styling
Quick and easy paper installation
Suitable for printing on paper and labels
5Vdc standard/low power and 10-35Vdc
USB & RS232
Drivers available for Windows 10
2-inch panel printers

Our most popular panel printers, available in 32mm, 42mm and 60mm paper roll options.

3-inch panel printers

80mm width paper roll panel printers

4-inch panel printers

60mm diameter roll high resolution thermal printer

Customised Solutions

In addition to our popular existing range, we can also build customised panel printers to meet your exact technical requirements. We hold an onsite design and engineering team who can bring your solution to life

Why thermographic?

Thermographic printers are extremely low maintenance – no printer ink cartridges need replacing, you simply insert the roll of printed or label thermographic printing material and leave it to do its job. The printer system is set-up and configured to your specifications, including the length and size of printing roll you need depending on your exact needs.


Ideal Applications

  • Industrial cleaning equipment
  • Dental and hospital equipment
  • Static industrial machinery requiring printed outputs
  • Ovens and incinerators
  • Weigh scales


Our Process

Whether you are building your OEM equipment from scratch or have a legacy equipment printer that you need replacing, our experienced team can take your technical requirements and ensure a compatible solution for your machinery protocols and functionality.