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Thermal Portable Handheld Printers

A portable solution for your printed data

Our thermal portable handheld printers are designed and made right here in the UK at our purpose-built factory.  Used across a number of sectors, including the medical and automotive sectors, these  printers connect via various connections. This makes them ideal for a number of applications and environments including; retail outlets, transport, warehouses and medical settings, where they can be used to print labels, receipts, tickets and any instant, small-format printing requirement.

Our (thermal) portable handheld printers can be further customised to meet your exact branding and product specification requirements.

portable handheld printers

A reliable mobile solution for your printing needs

Our portable handheld printers are ready to use alongside your mobile handheld device, whether that be a breathalyser, weigh scale or any other machine requiring an instant, mobile printed or label output of measurement data.  Our long-standing experience and knowledge of all sectors means we are always one step ahead of our competition in providing the most appropriate solutions for our clients, with a lifetime of support guaranteed. 

Need your results transferring electronically instead?

View our range of automated data results transfer solutions, available as both integrated and stand-alone solutions

Our portable handheld printers

As technology advances, we at Martel are always investigating what types of communication interfaces developers are looking to adopt, which is why our latest MCP2800 thermal printer has been designed with USB-C and Bluetooth communication. USB-C provides the device manufacturer with ease of connectivity by being a widely recognised wired interface, whilst Bluetooth is the most commonly used short range wireless connection. For ease of adoption, we support both BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Bluetooth Classic.

Martel also provides Infrared and RS232 connectivity which gives the OEM the ability to support their equipment with more traditional communication methodologies, thereby protecting their existing product portfolio, whilst aiding in their transition of new product development.

Our portable, hand-held printer range has been designed to emulate popular software protocol and industry-standard dimensions, but all of our products are further configurable to your needs if required.  Easy communications protocols mean they can be swiftly connected to your device at the time of measurement and able to print instantly.

Ideal for on-site instant results outputs, they are designed for maximum versatility, printing in a wide range of languages and character sizes and numerous font stylings can be applied to text and graphics. 

Bluetooth printer features…

Maintenance free, high reliability
Compact and light weight
High resolution thermal printing
Prints text, graphics and barcodes
Adjustable character sizes and styling
Quick and easy paper installation
Suitable for printing on paper and labels
Supports a range of paper/label roll sizes
Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy, USB, RS232 & Infrared
Drivers available for Windows 10

The MCP2800 Printer

Our newest printer, launched in 2023, which can be used for printing on the go and with magnet or screw-mounting options available.

Prints high-resolution text, graphics and barcodes on a range of thermal paper and labels, suited perfectly to applications such as medical devices, toxicology and gas detection.

Interfaces available: USB-C, RS232, Bluetooth and BTLE

The MCP2800 can be customised to meet your exact specifications.

The MCP1800 Printer

Perfectly suited for applications such as testing and analysis, weighing and medical devices the MCP1800 is compact and can be supplied with magnets in the base for easy mounting.

Your test results can be printed on thermal paper or labels to suit your requirements.

Interfaces available: USB, RS232, Bluetooth, BTLE and Infrared

The MCP1800 is also available to be customised to your exact specifications.

thermal portable printer
bluetooth thermal printer

The MCP7800 Printer

The MCP7800 is an ultra compact thermal printer which was our first printer to feature easy load paper. Providing a wide choise of data interfaces, the MCP7800 comes with configurable functionality and can be paired with our rubber boot accessory to make it a robust choice for applications in extreme conditions.


As with all our thermal printers, the MCP7800 can be designed to meet your exact specifications, or you can check out our latest MCP2800 model also.

Customised Solutions

In addition to our popular existing range, we can also build a customised printer to meet your exact technical requirements. We hold an onsite design and engineering team who can bring your solution to life

Why thermographic?

Thermographic printers are extremely low maintenance – no printer ink cartridges need replacing, you simply insert the roll of printed or label thermographic printing material and leave it to do its job. The printer system is set-up and configured to your specifications, including the length and size of printing roll you need depending on your exact needs.


Ideal Applications

  • Industrial cleaning equipment
  • Dental and hospital equipment
  • Static industrial machinery requiring printed outputs
  • Ovens and incinerators
  • Weigh scales


Our Process

Whether you are building your OEM equipment from scratch or have a legacy equipment printer that you need replacing, our experienced team can take your technical requirements and ensure a compatible solution for your machinery protocols and functionality.

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