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Instantly make your equipment wirelessly connected.

VIDA Module is an enhanced PCB that can be installed directly into your OEM equipment to create a wireless data connection for the transfer of your results data to end systems. Get easily-accessible machinery maintenance data and configure your data outputs exactly for your end user data management requirements, with no need for any change to hardware. VIDA Module provides a simple and cost-effective solution to instantly make your equipment wireless.

Fully Configurable for your data needs

Module is more than just a simple data logger – it allows for complete configuration to bring one or more sets of data together and transpose into a format that makes sense for your end user requirements. Your data can then be transported wirelessly to your end systems or joined to your connection sockets (e.g. ethernet) if preferred.

We work with you to understand your data requirements for both your own requirements and those of your end users, providing a full data configuration service in line with requirements and available technology/APIs.

Our Simple 4-Step Process

Every solution starts with 4 simple questions that help us understand your needs and build a solution that works for you.

What data do we need to pull out of the equipment?

Where can we get access to install or plug on the module?

Where does the data need to go?

How does the data need to be viewed?

VIDA Module in use

Our client installed VIDA module into their stand-alone autoclaves to create a more connected environment. They were able to remotely view data that gave insight into the maintenance requirements of the equipment as well as completely configure data outputs for their end user clients – each of whom had different requirements on different sites. We embedded our module hardware directly inside the autoclaves before re-routing the machine data into our device, instantly making them a wireless device capable of transmitting data information to ongoing systems.

VIDA Module Features

Ethernet and WiFi network interface with a built-in WiFi hotspot to make connection as seamless as the flow of data
Increases data security, accuracy and traceability of your results
Eliminates human error from data sets
Fully configurable to work with a variety of instrumentation and connectors
Automatic data transfer to databases and systems
Fully customisable to work with any end data system or can be used
Space to store 50 million+ records

Our technical team have the know-how to make your systems talk to each other

Our team has the industry, hardware and software knowledge to programme our data logging systems to talk directly to your testing & analysis equipment – before building the right connections to transpose and transport the data directly to your end systems. We have the in-house design, engineering and software engineering skills means to take on the full design, testing and installation process for you, with compliance, compatibility and customisation guaranteed. Whether a new piece of equipment as an OEM that needs to record data, or a legacy instrument that you need to pull data from, we can make it happen.

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Need to print your results instead?

As established thermographic printer manufacturers, we can design and make printers to your exact equipment specifications, from full software integration through to the branding of the printer itself. We have the design and engineering in-house teams to build integrated solutions for your devices, and the ongoing support packages to ensure you have a lifetime of care.

  • In-house design team
  • Full UK manufacture
  • Excellent customer service & support

Our compact label printer range prints data that can be tagged to a huge range of items, including test tubes, patient charts, paperwork and specimen vials. A convenient and simple way to reduce data loss, our label printers are thermographic, meaning they will stand up to a variety of environments.

  • Range of sizes, up to a 4” label output, capable of images and charts, plus customised options
  • Various portability levels – fully integrated or in own casing
  • Various connectivity – Bluetooth, USB, R232 etc

Our receipt printer range helps your lab maintain efficient and accurate records, giving an optimised workflow and optimum safety and compliance.

  • Available as customised panel printers
  • Integrated or stand-alone
  • High-quality UK manufacture

Our panel printers are ideal for physical integration into your laboratory equipment. Whether you are an OEM, producing products for laboratories, or you are a laboratory end user looking to modify analysis equipment, we can design, manufacture and install your compatible solution. Our panel printers are available in any order quantity and can be customised to meet your exact technical requirements.

  • Super mini compact panel printers
  • 2”, 3”,4” panel printers
  • Customised panel printers