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A compact thermal portable printer can be used  in various applications across many industries, despite the outcome being very similar: printing data on the move or not in a fixed location. As technology advances, printing solutions are becoming lighter, smaller and more portable. This blog post will look at the range of thermal compact portable printers available from Martel Instruments and the benefits they provide.

thermal portable printer

What Types of Compact Portable Printers are Available?

Compact thermal portable printers are available in a range of sizes and with multiple connectivity options, making them ideal solutions for printing on the go in various applications. Let’s take a look at some of the products available.

Bluetooth Printer

As the name suggests, Martel Instruments’ Bluetooth printer is a wireless, portable printer that works via Bluetooth. It is frequently used in the automotive and medical industries because of its ease of use and flexibility. It can be transported around and used no matter what job is being carried out.

Compact Portable Printer

Our printers come in two options: a compact thermal printer or a compact impact printer. These can be standalone products, or we can develop a portable printer to install into your preexisting product. One of the critical features of our compact mobile printers is that they do not require ink cartridges and can be used for many different purposes.

Handheld Printer

Our handheld printer is wireless and portable, making it a fantastic product for many applications. These handheld portable printers are ultra-lightweight and can be fully customised to suit your requirements, meaning that if one of our existing printers isn’t quite right, we will make one that is.  

Label Printer

Compact label printers are ideal for customers who need to print information quickly. Typical applications include medical professionals who need to attach data onto food trays, patient charts, samples, test tubes and many other things.

Martel Instruments provide a range of label printers that vary in connectivity, portability and size, so no matter what application you need the compact printer for, we will ensure it’s the perfect fit for you.

Receipt Printer

Receipt printers sound like an obvious product, and they are. These printers are used to print receipts at a point of sale. Like our other products, our receipt printers can be used as standalone or installed into your existing equipment.

Ticket Printer

Compact ticket printers can be used in many applications across many industries. These can be fully customised and integrated into equipment you already have. We also provide a range of sizes and connectivity options. 

Martel Instruments: Compact Portable Printers

Martel Instruments provides six types of compact portable printers that can be used in various applications and industries due to their flexibility, portability and versatility. If you want more information about our mobile printers, please contact us today and arrange a call with one of our team members.