Add value to your device with a custom-built printer from Martel

Our bespoke printers are made to order in the UK, with no minimum order quantity. Whatever industry you’re in, we can make a printer for you.

Our extensive printer range includes compact printers, thermal printers and barcode printers, as well as customised printers which meet your precise requirements.

Lifetime product supply
We offer a lifetime supply guarantee for all our printers. In other words, we never discontinue a printer or a part.

We can offer this guarantee because of our unique approach. Our printers are made to your specific requirements, and for your devices alone. We manufacture our products based on your needs – so we will never make your printers obsolete.

“Our printers are customised from the inside out and truly made to order. This means that we will continue delivering the solution that you need now – and for a lifetime.”

Keith Walker, Managing Director of Martel.