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Why Choose Panel Mount Printers?

Panel mount printers are highly reliable, small printers that can easily be integrated into existing equipment. They offer great value for money and do not require ink, thus saving installation, money and time concerns. They are used in a wide range of applications under the umbrella of thermal printers. This blog post will examine why you should choose a panel mount printer.

Panel Mount Printers Key Benefits

Panel mount printers can be manufactured in various sizes, with different capabilities and connections, to suit a range of applications. They are designed to fit in smaller spaces and existing equipment to provide outstanding printing quality and improve both time and money costs.

They are commonly used in applications where labels and receipts must be printed. Typical applications include blood gas analysers, petrol stations, medical instruments, parking stations and sterilisation equipment. However, this list is not exhaustive and thermal printers can be utilised in many other applications. 

These printers provide several advantages to businesses that require a printer, regardless of the setting. Those advantages include

  • Cost Effective: Panel mount printers are much cheaper than ink-based printers because they do not require ink or ribbons. They need little to no maintenance; the only main cost is the thermal paper.
  • Durable: The printers are built to last, are easy to use and are of high quality.
  • Quiet: Panel mount printers are hardly audible and, even better, do not have paper jams!
  • Small: These printers are small, which makes them perfect for difficult places or integration into existing equipment.
panel mount printers

Panel Printers from Martel Instruments

Martel Instruments is a leading manufacturer of commercial printing solutions. Our products are manufactured in-house and on-demand in the UK  for local and international use. We have an extensive range of thermal printers that can be built to fit your requirements and devices, including panel mount printers, Bluetooth printers and mobile printers.

Our range of panel printers includes the following:

Super mini compact panel printers

Martel’s mini printers are ideal for a range of applications which require small,easy-to-integratee printing options. They are commonly used by fire alarm manufacturers and medical device manufacturers for their maintenance-free and easy-to-install aspects.

2 inch panel printer

Four series are available in the 2-inch panel printers, MPP2000, MPP5800, MPP6000, and MPP6600, all of which offer a range of benefits. 

The key features of the MPP2000 series include high-resolution printing, lightweight and offer a range of customisation options. The key features of the MPP6000 series are the easy loading paper feature, kwik clip mounts and additional customisation options.

3-inch panel printer

The 3-inch panel printer options include the MPP3000 range. These printers offer high-resolution printers that can easily be installed behind any panel. The printers are quiet, maintenance-free and can be customised to suit your requirements.

4-inch panel printer

Martel manufactures the MPP4000 series for our 4-inch panel printer option. Like the other series, these printers are highly compact and can be customised for your needs. Additional benefits include printing options for images or text and they can be used to print on labels and paper.

Are you looking for more information? Please contact us today and we look forward to discussing your requirements.