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It’s no secret that China is the largest manufacturer in the world, having overtaken the United States for the top spot over ten years ago. Currently, China contributes around 28% of the world’s manufacturing output1, 2, and its manufacturing numbers continue to rise at an alarming rate. However, despite the impressive numbers, purchasing from UK manufacturers offers a solution to many challenges in buying manufactured goods from China.  So whether you’re having difficulties with your current manufacturers or are keen to learn more about the benefits of buying products made in the UK, this blog post is for you.

An Overview of China’s Manufacturing Dominance

Many factors have contributed to China’s success as a global manufacturing powerhouse, from established supply chains to vast production capabilities and low production costs. Although there are numerous benefits customers often find with buying directly from China, there can be just as many challenges. Currently, the key concerns include issues with supplies, quality control and labour practices. However, another aspect to be wary of is that typically, when buying from China, customers must make a payment when placing a postal order. If the lead time is 12 weeks, you are handing over your money long before receiving any products. 

Although the COVID-19 pandemic was not the main reason behind businesses and customers looking elsewhere for manufacturers, it severely impacted supply chains that have had costly repercussions for China and its manufacturing sector3. During this time, the UK has slowly worked its way back to being a reliable option for manufactured products.

The Appeal of Buying from the UK

There are several reasons why buying products from the UK makes sense to customers. Not only can manufacturers rely on a consistent supply of components, but quality control regulations are implemented to ensure specific standards are met. In addition, many manufacturers produce components in low volumes, which enables them to focus on high-quality, reliable and safe products. 

Let’s summarise the key benefits of purchasing from UK manufacturers:

Why Should You Buy From Martel Instruments?

Martel Instruments are a UK-based manufacturer offering a range of printers and electronic hardware solutions. We offer off-the-shelf solutions as well as working directly with our customers to create bespoke products, ensuring the solutions they need are perfectly engineered, on time and within budget. So, why purchase your printing solutions from Martel Instruments? There are plenty of reasons.

Not only are all our products produced in-house in the UK, but they are also purpose-made. This means we produce low quantities of products at any given time, allowing us to focus on product quality and bespoke configurations. Once finalised, we deliver the product to the customer and ask for payment within 30 days, but our working relationship does not end there. We continue to offer guidance, from installation to upgrades, with our lifetime support.

Manufacturers based in the UK, like Martel Instruments, are often able to support users who have been impacted by supply chain issues, end-of-life or other problems in obtaining their products. If you are based in the UK, considering a UK manufacturer has multiple advantages over purchasing from China, we’re always happy to discuss this with potential clients. 

To learn more about the benefits Martel Instruments offers, contact us today and let’s talk!

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