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What to consider when buying a custom thermal printer

Whether you require a custom thermal printer for car break testing, vehicle weighing, printing medical results or integrating into kit for your customers, we understand how critical a high-performing and dependable printing solution is to your operations.

There are many things to consider when designing and purchasing your thermal printer, from the form, fit and function to ongoing supply and support. Our team of experts have provided an overview of the elements you should consider when investing in a bespoke thermal printer.

Form, fit, function


When scoping out your thermal printer specifications it is key to define the form you require of your printer, this is the physical characteristics of your device. Form includes:

  • Shape
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Colour/s
  • Material

With Martel Instruments, not only can thermal printers be customised to your technical and physical specifications but also to reflect your brand. Whether your printer is required as a standalone cased device or it is to be embedded into equipment for your customer, we can design the printer to match the required brand, from case colour to branding it with your logo.


To ensure your thermal printer integrates seamlessly with your current processes and equipment, it is important to consider the fit of your equipment this is not only the physical fit but also the connectivity of your device.

Martel Instrument’s thermal printers are available with a range of connectivity options from Bluetooth and low energy Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and android, to iOS, serial, rs232, USB, or infrared.


The function is the action or actions that you require your printer to perform, with a thermal printer this includes the required output and media type. For example, the device must printer labels or receipts.

Don’t worry if the function is all you have scoped out for your device, our team of experts will work with you to define the full specifications and design of your thermal printer.


As a thermal printer manufacturer, we offer continuity of supply, so you can be confident that your Martel Instruments printing solution is a reliable investment for the long-term, meaning you’ll never have the time-consuming and costly task of trying to replace a printer or peripheral product that’s been discontinued.

In addition, unlike most traditional high-volume manufacturers as we manufacture all our printers in-house and on demand, we offer flexibility of supply whether you want 10 or 1000 printers!

Thermal Printer Support

With thermal printers playing a vital role in business operations or customer equipment, it is imperative to ensure your thermal printer manufacturer offers ongoing technical support so that help is on-hand should you ever need it. Our team of experts will support you with all your custom printing needs from initial enquiry through to ongoing technical support, no matter your location or the age of your equipment.

Whether you have questions regarding drivers, want tips and advice on maximising on your printing solution, or require thermal printer support – our team of technical experts are here to help you!

Contact our team to find out how we can help with your custom thermal printer needs.