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What is a Thermal Panel Printer?

A thermal panel printer utilises two beneficial components in various industries to support quick and efficient printing applications. A thermal printer uses heat to produce information on the intended material instead of ink, as standard printers do. Secondly, a panel printer is designed to be used in small spaces and can be integrated into an existing instrument.  In this blog post, we will provide you with a more detailed overview of what thermal panel printers are.

Thermal Panel Printers

Thermal panel printers are ink-free printers that are small enough to be integrated into existing applications. They are compact, easy to use and highly durable printers commonly used for smaller printed items such as barcodes, product labels or receipts.

Typically, thermal printers require three main components:

  • Platen roller: Set in motion by a small motor, the platen roller feeds the paper through the printer.
  • Spring: The spring adds pressure to the thermal head, forcing it to contact the printing paper.
  • Thermal head: The thermal head generates heat that starts a chemical reaction required to print on the intended material.

Panel printers are versatile. They can be integrated into any applications for high-quality, rapid printing and are frequently used in laboratories and medical centres. 

Martel Instruments and Thermal Panel Printers

Since 1982, Martel Instruments have been manufacturing high-quality thermal printers in-house for clients worldwide.  As a leading manufacturing company, Martel Instruments offers printing solutions that can be manufactured specifically for you and your applications. 

Purchasing bespoke thermal panel printers with us ensures you can integrate them effortlessly to enhance your procedures and receive ongoing support from our team of experts. These benefits will reduce the time you spend worrying about installation or supply issues, as we will be on hand to help.

Our thermal panel printers are available under four labels, which we will outline in more detail below:  

Super Mini Compact Panel Printers

Our mini-panel printers were designed to be easily integrated into various existing applications. They are compact and maintenance-free, with the bonus of being built to suit your requirements. 

2 Inch Panel Printers

The 2-inch panel printers we design include the MPP2000, MPP5800, MPP6000 and MPP6600 ranges. These highly compact, high-resolution thermal printers offer easy paper loading and additional customisation options. 

3 Inch Panel Printers

Our range of 3-inch thermal panel printers is provided through the MPP3000 series. They are high-resolution printing solutions that can easily be installed behind any panel. They are quiet, maintenance free and can be customised further, like all of our printers. 

4 Inch Panel Printers

The MPP4000 series is our range of 4-inch thermal panel printers that are compact and easy to integrate. These printers can be used in various label and paper printing applications and support image and text printing.

For more information or to make a purchase, contact the team today.