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Dear Partners

I hope you and everyone in your business are well and the impact of the Corona virus is minimal.

Our head office in Durham is open, and we are accepting orders, providing customer support as usual, and we continue manufacturing and shipping. Also, we continue to be receiving goods from our supply partners.

Of course, like all businesses, the effects of the virus will have an impact. We expect that some of our colleagues will need to self-isolate over the coming weeks, if they or family members suffer Covid-19 symptoms.

We are fortunate in that a significant number of our staff are able to work from home to lessen the risk of transmission.

We abide by all good hygiene practices to attempt to avoid inadvertently spreading the virus within our team.

We are doing everything in our power to reduce the impact to our business without putting any undue risk on our team.

It is therefore important that you please advise if you are in a similar situation and communicate any impact to existing (or future) supply as soon as possible.

Lead times are currently 16 weeks from receipt of new orders, please do check you have enough cover with us in place to meet your demands.

If you wish to discuss anything with us we are open to such a discussion. Key members of the Sales team can be contacted as follows:

Matthew Walker – – +44 7909 334388
Sharon Clark –
Joanne Hockaday – – +44 7766 601339

If for whatever reason you feel we are taking too long to respond to any query please contact me directly via and I will endeavor to get an answer to your question.

Kind regards

Keith Walker
Managing Director