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Panel mount printers are compact devices that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can easily integrate into existing equipment and systems. They offer high-quality printing and good value for money as they are durable and do not require ink. Ultra-compact 4-inch printers for OEMs add value to your equipment and can be customised to meet your exact requirements. This post will inform you of the 4-inch printers available from Martel Instruments and what applications they can be used for.

4-Inch Panel Printers

Martel Instruments provides a range of thermal panel printers, and the MPP4000 4-inch series is just one of them. These printers are suitable for various applications owing to their high-quality printing capabilities that help save time and money.

Key Benefits

Panel mount printers provide several important benefits to OEMs, mainly because they are ultra-compact and can be fitted behind any panel to support a wide range of printing requirements. The four key advantages of the 4-inch printers are:

Cost Effective

Thermal panel printers do not need ink to print on materials, making them much cheaper than traditional printers. Additionally, they are little to no maintenance printers, with the main cost being the thermal paper.


Supporting the cost-effective benefit of these printers, they are designed to last. They are high quality and easy to maintain, thus providing a longer service life than other printers on the market.


Panel mount printers are extremely quiet. Despite the fast printing speeds, you will not have to worry about the noise from ink cartridges or paper jamming.


These printers are small and lightweight and perfect for tricky places or fitting into existing equipment.

Aside from the four key benefits mentioned above, further advantages of these printing solutions include the option to print images and text on thermal labels or paper and the ability for us to customise these printers to meet your exact technical requirements. 


These thermal printers are suitable for use in a range of industries. They are frequently purchased for applications that require printed labels or receipts, such as parking stations or medical instruments. Owing to their applications, these panel printers are sometimes referred to as label printers.  

Key industries that benefit from compact panel mount printers include automotive, food and beverage, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and travel. They are used to print barcodes and labels for event tickets, inventories, patient notes, safety checks and many other applications.

Martel Instruments

Martel Instruments designs and manufactures a range of thermal panel printers in the UK that are shipped worldwide upon the request of device manufacturers. We can accommodate any order quantities and offer full customisation of the printers to ensure your specifications are met. 

Contact us today to discuss your printing requirements, and we’ll be happy to support your business needs.