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VIDA by Martel Instruments

Excellence in customer service and support

VIDA is an innovation by Martel Instruments, a leading equipment manufacturer, committed to customers for the long-term. Martel Instruments conceptualised VIDA as an essential new piece of lab equipment for better data management in laboratories using nearly 40 years of manufacturing experience.

With vast in-house manufacturing capabilities, Martel Instruments makes its bespoke hardware to customers’ exact specifications and offers full technical support to link VIDA with all of your other scientific lab supplies.

VIDA is a product for an international market, and Martel Instruments offers trials for laboratories to experience the positive impact of this revolutionary data collection technology with existing lab equipment. The team will work with you throughout the design, manufacture and supply process.

“We have gotten to know the laboratory market very well and understand the ways in which we can help with our bespoke manufacturing expertise. We have produced a responsive, electronic technology that enables labs to more securely and effectively transfer data. We do whatever it takes to help our customers get the most out of our products.”

Keith Walker,
CEO of Martel Instruments