Focus on Revolutionary Data Collection Technology

VIDA is a revolutionary data collection technology that tracks, records and stores lab instrument measurement results and metadata.

Electronic and paperless, VIDA is a unique data collection technology that helps you better meet regulatory and compliance standards.

For better laboratory data management, VIDA instantly and accurately transfers scientific data from your lab equipment to any LIMS of ELN systems.

VIDA outperforms other types of data collection methods, eliminating the risks that can be associated with manual data collection in labs.

Paperless and Reliable

  • No need to rely on paper records, minimise lab time lost on repetitive manual operations
  • Meet regulatory and compliance standards with reliable, error-free measurements
  • Manage downtime by planning and scheduling maintenance through time based calibration management

Automatic and Electronic

  • Combine with user and equipment metadata, and give different access levels to your team
  • Electronically reads and captures data, sending it directly to ELN and LIMS
  • Secure transfer of data between systems, no need for insecure cloud storage or USBs
  • Compatible with all major equipment manufacturers

Responsive and Accurate

  • 100% accuracy on scientific raw data collected
  • Your team can work on lab data instantly and securely, even if they’re not onsite
  • Improve project response time with the equipment status overview dashboard for real-time updates

“This has been a research project which has a real and practical significance, early feedback from our students and technical staff certainly indicates that VIDA will be a welcome addition within any laboratory – helping to streamline and manage their activity, plus massively reducing manual data processing.”

Dr. Garry M Weeks PhD MSc BSc (Hons) MCIEH, Teesside University