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Compact Bluetooth printers offer many business benefits. Not only are they small and light, but their wireless Bluetooth connectivity makes them transportable. Therefore, you can easily take your printer on the go or make the most of the flexibility within your workspace. This blog post will outline the benefits of using a wireless printer and its typical applications.

The Benefits of Wireless, Bluetooth Printers

Compact Bluetooth and wireless printers can have many advantages for you and your business. Aside from the obvious benefit of them being wireless and therefore portable within a specific range, the other benefits include:


Bluetooth printers make printing easy in any environment. They can be moved between workspaces or taken on the go, and they are light enough that carrying capacity is never an issue. Our Bluetooth printers are available for various applications, such as label and receipt printers. These printers make processes smoother without compromising print quality or print speed.

Connectivity Options

As long as your device supports Bluetooth connectivity, these Bluetooth printers can be connected to any mobile device. This means that users are no longer tied to a desk or printing station and allows tasks to be carried out more promptly. 


Our printers, including our Bluetooth models, can be fully customised to suit your specific requirements. This is an ideal solution for OEMs because the customisation will match the printer look to the end user’s existing brand.

No Cables

A Bluetooth printer will not require cables, which will help keep your workspace tidy and free of wires. Not only is this an aesthetic bonus, but it also reduces the number of trip hazards in an environment. 

Bluetooth Printers and Their Applications

Bluetooth printers are frequently used in applications where compact instruments and flexibility make a crucial difference. These include the automotive and medical sectors, where carrying the printer enables quick and convenient processing.

A few main applications include hospital settings, where the printers are used to print patient data, food labels, and tube labels. They are also integral for law enforcement, enabling traffic officers to print tickets and toxicology results on the roadside.

What Bluetooth Printers Are Available?

Martel Instruments designs and manufactures a range of printers to suit several applications. As part of our collection of mobile printers, we supply Bluetooth printers that can be used to print data, labels, receipts and tickets depending on their intended application.

Bluetooth Printer

Martel Instruments’ Bluetooth printer is portable and wireless, thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity feature. It is often used in medical applications and is the perfect solution for our customers who need to print whilst on the move, or in the field.

Label Printer

Our label printers are ideal for medical professionals who need to print data quickly, such as when adding labels onto food trays, patient charts, test tubes and many other things. They are also integral to the public sector, enabling law enforcement officers to print evidence labels, parking tickets, inspection notices, and many more critical citations on-the-go. 

Ticket Printer

Compact ticket printers are used in several industries to make processes faster and smoother. They can be customised to suit your needs and integrated into your existing equipment. The ticket printers are available in several sizes and connectivity options.

The Bluetooth printers Martel Instruments are designed to be compact and make processes easier by printing anywhere within the Bluetooth connectivity range. Our solutions help professionals print data quickly, reduce the loss of essential data, and improve efficiency as running to and from the printer is no longer required.

If you want more information about our Bluetooth printers, please contact us today, and we’ll be happy to find the ideal solution.