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Dear Partners

It has been a few months since I last updated you about Martel and Covid-19. I hope you and your business continue to be well.

We have been working hard to make Martel as safe as possible, and to ensure that social distancing is fully adhered to. Those who can work at home are still doing so, and some of the many procedures that we have put in place on site to keep our staff safe are:

  • Temperature checks on arrival, and regularly throughout the day. Those with a temperature of 37.6 or over are asked to take a disposable test, and results on that of 37 or over, will follow the 111 corona virus procedure.
  • Floor markings through out the building with 2M gaps. We are sticking to the 2 metre rule, even though the government is now 1 metre plus
  • Covid 19 information posters throughout the building.
  • PPE is readily available for staff when needed, including disposable gloves, masks, antibacterial gel & tissues. PPE must be worn when walking around the building, and when training staff.
  • Plastic cups have been moved from water stations, and everyone is provided with a reusable water bottle, which is washed each night in the company dishwasher
  • Additional clocking stations, ESD stations and break areas have been installed in the production area.
  • Our full time cleaner is disinfecting the premises throughout the day
  • We have provided each member of staff on site a “Pathfindr” safe distancing assistant, which will alert staff if they are within 2 metres of each other. This must be worn at all times, unless they are training a new member of staff, when both will be wearing PPE
  • Some colleagues are working in Portakabins to help further social distancing, we have made it as safe as possible for our staff with high visibility jackets, a dedicated walkway, and constant checks through out the day.
  • Cars must be parked at least 1 space apart
  • No visitors will be allowed on site, all meetings must be done virtually.


We are still working on a 16 week lead time, so we encourage you to let us know of any requirements you may have from now until the end of year as soon as possible.

If you would like to discuss anything our key members for contact are still:

Matthew Walker – – +44 7909 334388

Sharon Clark – – +44 1207 290266

Joanne Hockaday – – +44 7766 601339


I hope that this gives you some comfort for working with us, and what we have in place to keep our staff safe, and also any items being delivered to you from our facility. If you wish to discuss anything with me, please contact and I will endeavor to get an answer to your question.


For more updates on what we have in place, please follow us on our social media accounts.