Focus on Better meeting metadata standards

Preserve the integrity of your metadata research. VIDA enables you to comply with metadata best practices and eliminate the loss of raw data.

Reach metadata standards

Developed in close consultation with lab managers worldwide, VIDA eliminates the risks that can be associated with manual data collection methods to better meet metadata standards.

Benefits to your lab:

  • Configurable to your laboratory
  • Customer programmed software
  • Improved workflow
  • Small lightweight design
  • Maximise investment in LIMS or ELN
  • Audit logs and session records for QC
  • Maintain and schedule calibrations
  • Compliant with 21CFR Part 11

Preserve metadata research results

Make your metadata research more accurate and your recordings guaranteed by capturing results directly from your studies.

Increase lab capabilities:

  • Save time, staff resource and equipment costs
  • 100% accuracy on data recorded
  • Job traceability
  • No paper records
  • Energy efficient processing power
  • Storage of 50 million sample records
  • 8GB onboard storage – extendable
  • Built-in WiFi hotspot


Specifications table coming soon!

If you would like more details about the specifications of VIDA, please contact the team.