GA51 Thermal Printer Mechanism


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Mechanism Specifications

Printing Method Thermal dot line printing
Total dots per line 384 dots
Printable dots per line 384 dots
Simultaneously activated dots 96 dots
Resolution W 8 dots/mm x H16 dots/mm
Paper feed pitch 0.03125mm
Maximum print speed 100 mm/s
Print width 48mm
Paper width 58mm
Thermal head temperature detection Thermistor
Platen position detection Mechanical switch
Out-of-paper detection Reflection type photo interrupter


Width 69.0 mm
Diameter 30.0 mm
Height 15.0 mm


Operating voltage range

Vp line 4.75 V to 9.5V *4
Vdd line 2.7 V to 3.6V, 4.75 V to 5.25 V *5

Current Consumption

Vp line Thermal head drive 5.49 A max. (at 9.5 V) *6
Vp line Motor drive 0.60 A max.
Vdd line Thermal head logic 0.10 A Max.

Operating temperature and humidity range

Standard ambient temperature -10 ̊C to 50 ̊C
Wide ambient temperature -30 ̊C to 70 ̊C
Labelling paper ambient temperature 5 ̊C to 50 ̊C
Storage temperature range -35 ̊C to 75 ̊C

Life span (at 25 ̊C and rated energy)

Activation pulse resistance 100 million pulses or more
Abrasion resistance 50km or more