Label Printer

Labels are a great way to reduce loss of important data – which is why Martel Instruments has a label printer range.

Martel Instruments understand that the end users, of the equipment which our customers manufacture, need a way of printing data to be then tagged to a huge range of items. Examples of this are patient charts, test tubes, crates carrying food or drink, paperwork ………the list is endless.

The label printer range is a group of printers that provides our customers with this additional benefit to their products.

The label printer range comes in:

  • various sizes – although compact, the label printer range can go up to a 4″ label output, resulting in a wider range of printing ability – such as images and charts
  • various portability i.e. if the printer needs to be fully integrated into the product or it can sit outside in its own casing,
  • various connectivity e.g. Bluetooth, USB, R232  etc.

On top of this the printers can be further customized to meet your specific requirements and are available in any order quantity.

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