Handheld Printer

Martel manufacture a range of handheld printers. Our range of portable/mobile printers come with a number of features that will support most applications.

Compact, portable and ultra-light our printers are an excellent solution for manufacturers or suppliers who are looking to add to their product range without the risk of manufacturing themselves.

Supplying across the globe, Martel can provide either a standard handheld printer from an existing range, or if any of these don’t meet your exact technical and branding specification, we have the capability to build a handheld printer that will.

Our manufacturing methods allow us to deliver a printer solution that our customers require. Unlike traditional high volume manufacturers, Martel not only build the exact model of the handheld printer that you require, but will also provide it in the order quantities that you need. If you require only 10 units we can supply 10 units – if you require 1,000 units we can supply 1,000 units!

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