Martel shows off VIDA at Pittcon 2019

Interview with Matthew Walker.

During March 18-20th Martel Instruments sent a team to Philadelphia, USA to exhibit at the 2019 Pittcon (the Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy). Pittcon is the world’s leading annual trade show for laboratory equipment manufacturers. It attracts scientists, manufacturers and government officials from around the world – a great place for Martel to showcase their expertise and their innovative new technology, VIDA. 


“Technically this was our third year at Pittcon,” says Matthew Walker, Global Sales Manager at Martel and one of the team attending the conference. “But it was the first time we exhibited in our own right. We are not laboratory scientists, but Pittcon offers a unique opportunity for Martel because it helps us connect with a core customer base as well as build new relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) from around the world. We were able to demonstrate our full printer range as well as our new product, VIDA. 


When designing the next generation of their products, OEMs want to automate processes around the data they produce. The interest in our printers comes from OEMs needing to support older systems. However, many companies are looking for new ways to use to data their equipment generates. That’s why we were particularly excited to take VIDA to Pittcon this year. 


VIDA started as an out-of-the-box-idea at Martel. We imagined a device that could transfer and augment data from any equipment in any digital format to any location using our cloud-based software – so it would be immediately usable. That’s VIDA: an innovative, next-generation technology that’s designed to unlock the potential of our clients’ equipment, allowing them to do more with their data. 


What does that look like? That’s up to the client and their needs. But that’s part of the beauty of VIDA: it’s so flexible in its application. Depending on a client’s setting, it could help them track their equipment status remotely, get instant equipment alerts, monitor assets on customer sites and plan maintenance and calibration. The possibilities are endless. That’s why we’re so excited about it.


We were really pleased with the response we got at Pittcon 2019. It’s always difficult to quantify impact so soon after an event, but we had good conversations about the changing needs of OEMs and how VIDA could fit into that. There were a solid number of follow-up enquiries. That was a real highlight for me. And we are hoping to get VIDA 21CFR validated so we can take it to market in the US and showcase it again at Pittcon 2020.”