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When You Might Need a Bespoke Printer

Bespoke printers are rapidly growing in popularity across many industries because of their flexibility and versatility, offering a wide range of printing solutions. Bespoke or customised printers can be manufactured to suit specific requirements regarding design, performance, and integration, which in turn help businesses increase their efficiency, reduce costs and streamline their operations. In this blog post, we look at when you might need a bespoke printer and how it can benefit your applications.

Bespoke Printers

There are many industries that benefit from bespoke printing solutions, especially automotive, healthcare, and retail, where labels and charts are often vital to relaying information. Custom thermal printing solutions offer a high degree of flexibility and convenience, using heat to transfer information onto paper instead of ink. The option to customise these printers offers many benefits, from meeting specific sizing, integration options and customer support.   


Off-the-shelf products can be useful for many applications, but for situations where something more specific is required, bespoke solutions can be designed to meet unique or specific needs. Thermal printers do not use ink, but customisation can include colours, dimensions, materials, shape, weight, software and more, including branding. For branding customisation, there is usually an option to match the printer casing to brand colours and add the clients’ logo.

Technical Requierments 

Some businesses may require printers with specific aspects such as durability, high printing speeds, or waterproofing. A bespoke printer can be manufactured to include these requirements, thus providing an ideal printing solution for fast-paced settings, harsh environments or other situations where standard printers don’t meet expectations.

A range of connectivity options is also available when manufacturing thermal printers, from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, infrared and others. This enables businesses to seamlessly integrate the printers with new and existing systems and ensure they get the most out of the products.

Customer Support and Maintenance

One of the primary benefits of ordering a bespoke printer is that businesses receive ongoing customer support and maintenance from the manufacturer. This will include support with set up and installation, any issues or required upgrades which all help to minimise downtime and errors. Another benefit is that customised printers are typically easier to maintain than mass-produced ones, as they are built for specific applications and tailored to the client.

Martel Instruments Bespoke Printing Solutions

Martel Instruments design and manufacture a wide range of standard and commercial printers for industries across the globe. However, we also develop customised printers to meet our clients’ exact specifications through a team of in-house experts in the UK. 

The customisation options we provide include the colour, shape and size of the printer as well as the software installed, and we work closely with clients to ensure the product is exactly what they need. Once complete, our services extend to ongoing support so our clients are never without the care and support they need to utilise their printing solutions effectively.

Contact a member of Martel Instruments today to learn more about bespoke printers and the range of benefits they provide.