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VIDA – new website release

Martel Instruments would like to announce the launch of its new website for revolutionary data collection technology, VIDA.

VIDA is our most recent innovation that we conceptualised through a creative session at our Durham head office around new product development. During the session, members of our team came together with a diverse mixture of skill sets and across a breadth of roles including product testers, electrical engineers, and software developers, to contribute ideas for new products.

Known primarily for our range of thermal printers that we manufacture for our global client base, we not only build hardware, but we also have a team of software specialists who programme the digital functions of all of the devices we make. This presented an opportunity for us to think about the formation of a new technology that could potentially reach new sectors and make a positive impact.

Together we devised the concept of VIDA as a data management solution and planned how we would create this using our in-house manufacturing facilities and over 40 years of manufacturing experience.

Turning an idea into a data management system

During the process of creating VIDA, we were keen for this new product to be digital only with the capability to attach to other technologies. In approaching a new product this way, we experimented with data management techniques and how data can be recorded and transmitted, something that we considered valuable not only for a new product, but to the future of all of our products.

Our idea started as a compact piece of hardware that could connect to other devices, then record, store and transfer data if needed. In doing this, we indirectly created a technology that has proved to be one of a kind. We then began researching markets that could benefit from this type of tool and quickly became to realise that this could be a vital piece of equipment for many industries, primarily the lab and scientific sector.

Through our research, we discovered that laboratories are fined large amounts of money for inaccurate data recordings and typically record data manually during research projects and product development. We began connecting with lab managers worldwide and quickly discovered that VIDA could provide labs with a data management solution to its data challenges.

VIDA becomes a data management solution for labs

VIDA has evolved from initially testing its use in the marketplace to continually refining the product to best meet the needs of those working in lab environments. We have received positive feedback from all lab managers and teams that have used it and VIDA has recorded 100% accuracy in all lab trials to date.

Because of its launch and success, VIDA is now a data management system for an international market, particularly since passing the 21CFR Part 11 compliance standard required for use and sale in the US. This has led us to create VIDA’s own website to accommodate the influx of demand for lab trials and to offer more in-depth information about its capabilities. This also provides us with the scope to expand VIDA into new markets.

Please come and visit us at and find out more about our revolutionary data collection technology.

We would like to take this time to thank everyone who has been a part of our journey so far, our talented and hardworking team, the lab managers who helped in the creation of VIDA, and all of the institutions who have trialled VIDA, supported its growth and benefited from its unique capabilities.

Thank you, and please get in touch if you would like any more information on trialling VIDA in your lab.