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Traffic enforcement can be a thankless task, but it is an essential part of municipal management. Effective traffic control makes our roads safer and more ecologically efficient. Thus it is crucial that enforcement officers are properly equipped to do the job.

Digitization has been a common initiative in offices and workplaces since the onset of the internet. Today’s world is more interconnected than ever, presenting unique opportunities for non-conventional applications. So, while handheld printers aren’t a novel concept, combining Bluetooth interconnectivity with portable printing is a relatively novel concept–in traffic enforcement, at least. Although Bluetooth printers can be used by law enforcement agents for a range of purposes, this blog post outlines how Bluetooth printers are used in breathalysers for roadside monitoring.

An Overview of Compact Bluetooth Printers

Compact Bluetooth printers are widely used across many industries because they make printing applications quick and easy, resulting in several benefits. The name already tells you what they are, but these small printers are versatile, can be carried around by personnel, and offer Bluetooth or USB connectivity.

Why do Traffic Enforcement Officers Need Breathalyser Printers?

Traffic officers have a diverse role, and their need for high-quality compact Bluetooth printers goes far beyond issuing fines for traffic violations. A traffic officer is also responsible for public safety and providing a range of information to the public through verbal or written communication, during which compact printers can be helpful.


The benefits of traffic officers using a compact Bluetooth printer are plentiful. Tickets and on-the-spot penalty notices can be printed quickly, and the risk of errors is reduced by having specific information pre-programmed on installed software. Another key advantage is that compact printers eliminate the issue of illegible handwriting, reducing the risk of time-wasting and he-said-she-said instances.

Knowing that traffic enforcement officers use portable printers for breathalysers should deter anyone who thinks they can get away with not being charged. For example, police forces who do not use breathalysers with Bluetooth printers would have to take a drive to the police station to record their results, which provides more time for the alcohol levels to reduce. Other issues include something going wrong, like an officer running out of tickets or a pen not working properly. With compact printers, there’s no excuse, and on-the-spot results or fines can be printed quickly and without hassle.

To summarise, the key benefits of a compact Bluetooth printer for traffic enforcement officers include the following:

  • Accuracy
  • Easy to issue on-the-spot fines and safety information
  • Illegible handwriting is no longer a problem
  • Quick and hassle-free
  • Reduces the risk of disputes

Martel Instruments: Compact Bluetooth Printers

Martel Instruments manufactures an array of printer options based on decades of experience in engineering compact and thermal printers. We focus on developing innovative, reliable solutions for law enforcement and other applications to make printing solutions more straightforward, quicker, and more accurate. 

Compact Bluetooth printers are wireless, portable printers that support numerous sectors. The benefit of Bluetooth connectivity means they can be transported anywhere and work in conjunction with software on a mobile phone or other electronic devices. These printers are low maintenance, do not require messy ink cartridges, and make daily printing tasks much easier.
Our range of compact Bluetooth printers is designed in-house in the UK to be used in law enforcement applications, but they can also be customised to suit your specific printing needs. Contact us today for more information on how Martel Instruments’ printing solutions can enhance your applications.