Heather Celebrates 30 Years at Martel!

November 1990. When the price of a pint of milk was 25p and a football ticket was only £5, Heather was starting out her journey at Martel Instruments.

Heather’s Avatar

Originally employed, as a production operative, Heather began her employment at a different location to where we call home now.

Back then, it was a very different time, there were only seven members of staff on the shop floor, along with a handful of office staff. Fast forward to today, and we employ over 35 members of staff, in a range of roles.

Moving the business to the current premises, came with a big promotion for Heather, to production supervisor, a role that she is still in to this day. The move allowed Martel to manufacture more units, and eventually install its own surface mount machine for PCB assembly.

Heather tells us, “it’s really good to see how the business has grown since I started 30 years ago, it’s been a pleasure working with the staff that we have here today, and I’ve particularly enjoyed watching the changing technology over the years! I started out soldering the LCD & LED displays, and now we are manufacturing VIDA.”

Heather looks back with fond recollections of her time at Martel, noting some of her most favourite memories being when all the team got together, being it a charity day, team building day or simply a special occasion such as Christmas. In 2015, Martel invested in some beehives to test some customer products we were manufacturing at the time, Heather goes on to say “I thoroughly enjoyed that period of time, it was a great learning experience, even though after keeping them fed all through the winter months they then swarmed”.

Andrew Hockaday Operations Manager, says that it has been a privilege to have Heather supervising the production area, she knows her job inside out and there is no better person for the role. It’s a shame that due to the current circumstances of COVID-19 we are unable to have a bigger celebration, that includes all of the members of staff, but for now, she will have to just make do with a presentation from myself and Keith.

Keith Walker (MD) & Heather for their socially distanced presentation



Keith Walker MD says

Heather has been instrumental in establishing the processes and culture which have seen Martel valued by its customers for its quality and reliability

Her dedication and commitment are greatly appreciated by all who have the pleasure of working with her


On behalf of the whole Martel team, I would like to congratulate Heather on this amazing achievement!