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Gas detection with thermal printing

Instant printing, low cost and minimal maintenance: these are the standard benefits of any thermal printer, but that’s not all. Compatible with countless applications, thermal printing offers a durable, versatile and reliable solution to real-time data capture. This makes it essential for instant decision-making and compliant record-keeping within regulated environments.

As a specialist thermal printing manufacturer, Martel Instruments works to maximise your OEM equipment and instrumentation by incorporating thermal printing into its specifications. In this article, we discuss the benefits of thermal printing, touching on the value of custom configurations to meet your exact requirements. 

Devices that require thermal printing


As a preferred choice for printing tickets, labels, reports, tags and receipts, thermal printing holds a firm stance in numerous industries. This includes manufacturing, logistics, retail, environmental monitoring, automotive, industrial, healthcare and more.

Chosen because it provides a low-effort, low-maintenance and cost-effective printing solution, thermal printing offers the physical data capture needed for many processes. Essentially, thermal printing can be integrated into any application where data capture could benefit from immediate, reliable printed data outputs. Relevant applications often include devices for:

  • Weighing
  • Testing
  • Analytical lab equipment
  • Handheld scanning
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Gas detection and more

Benefits of thermal printing


Whether supporting vehicle gas emission testing or facilitating inventory management, thermal printing offers undoubtable advantages. As a thermal printing manufacturer. We work closely with a range of businesses and can see first-hand the efficiency and quality thermal prints provide when compared to traditional inkjet or laser printing solution. The benefits of a thermal printer include:

  • High-speed capabilities
  • High-resolution print
  • Quiet mechanisms
  • Cost-effective
  • Minimal maintenance

Although these benefits may seem simple, the capabilities they have to transform processes and workflows extends far beyond these. When it comes to advancing your application, this small but mighty device is the crux of error-proof data recording, meticulous record-keeping and instant data-led decision-making.

Clients can utilise a thermal printer to maximise their end-to-end processes, regardless of the environment, hear from us, a thermal printer manufacturer to find out exactly how!


Portability and on-site printing


In scenarios where ongoing adjustments are made using real-time data, thermal printing can offer instant, documented results. Its ability to quickly print time-stamped data needed for analysis makes it specifically valuable for portable, field, or onsite usage.

Take point-of-care (POC) testing as an example, a portable thermal printer can be deployed alongside diagnostic equipment to offer on-site documentation of all assessments and sample assay results.

Any field inspector or assessor in construction, environmental or health and safety would also benefit from the same practice.


Reliable reporting in harsh environments


In field, remote or mobile locations, immediate results are an absolute necessity before environmental conditions effect reported data. This is where reliability is essential.

Thermal printers are built to withstand harsh environments, relating to anything from extreme temperatures to high moisture and humidity levels or even chemical exposure.

As well as its tolerance to harsher environments, the thermal printer provides fade and smudge-resistance to offer additional confidence in preserving documentation.

Their overall robust nature means they are extremely compatible with a range of testing conditions, including construction settings, oil and gas applications and materials testing operations. With few moving parts to their composition, the printer is far more reliable than other any standard printing option.


Enhanced regulatory compliance


Printed records specifically offer immediate documentation, subsequently resulting in instant confirmation and verification, for assured testing compliance.

Take a scenario such as stack emission monitoring or environmental testing, for example. In this case, businesses must test and track emission limits to ensure measurements adhere to environmental protection laws. Here, thermal printing can be integrated to offer a time-stamped, hard copy of measurements at the point of which data is collected. Going on to produce reports for proof of measurement and, most importantly, demonstratable compliance. 

For inspector assessment and audit trials, thermal printing serves as a cost-effective solution for documented reporting. This is particularly viable when instrumentation isn’t integrated into a LIMS or other centralised data platform, or within field applications that require documented, real-time data measurements.

Better yet, thermal printing means that regulatory compliance can be demonstrated regardless of the occurrence of any system failure or data corruption of a digital management system. Thus, serving as an additional backup quality assurance measure in cases where unexpected downtime would otherwise cause regulatory implications.


Improved efficiency for instant decision-making


Portable thermal printers can be used to print information such as service reports and maintenance logs to not only ensure accurate documentation but also allow fast decision-making.

Take air quality monitoring, for example, a thermal printer would offer instant on-site identification of a potential hazard. This allows for immediate remedial action, whilst ensuring a necessary paper trail of records.

By providing data for on-the-spot decision-making, not only does this facilitate immediate real-time reporting, but it is also an essential requirement for preventing errors in data which could implicate the regulatory compliance mentioned above.


The benefits of working with a thermal printing manufacturer


It goes without saying that these benefits can only be achieved once you’ve sourced the appropriate thermal printer manufacturer. Choosing a provider that ensures hardware and software compatibility, and custom configures your system for optimal performance, is where Martel Instruments can help.

Our in-house expertise of a specialist printing and the most intricate applications where thermal printing is necessary, positions us as a trusted manufacturer and provider. From design to prototyping, no minimum order quantity to continuous ongoing supply, we’re here to offer printing solutions for any business!

By working with you to develop an innovative solution that works precisely for you, you can enhance efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance in almost any application.

A manufacturer who offers custom capabilities means access to a printer build that truly reflects your core objectives. Building to exact specifications can include anything from:

  • Flame-retardant materials
  • Plug and print
  • Easy load paper feature
  • Support with approval certifications
  • Customised hardware and software

Introducing Martel Instruments

As a specialist thermal printing manufacturer, we work to improve the data capture capabilities of your OEM equipment, utilising our UK-based design team to curate a customised printing solution that aligns seamlessly with your application.

We have over 40 years of technical experience crafting a portfolio of thermographic printers to suit your needs, including both portable and handheld, as well as panel solutions.

Take advantage of our 10+ years print life and compatibility with a wide range of connection interfaces, from Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy, USB, RS232 and Infrared.

With our thermal printer, you can benefit from the traditional advantages of thermal printing, including its maintenance-free and high-resolution printing quality, whilst also maximising your application with real-time data capture, assured regulatory compliance and endless versatility.  

Your expert thermal printing manufacturer is just one click away! Get in touch with Martel Instruments here.