Covid 19

COVID 19 staff policy 17/02/2021

We have worked hard to ensure our workplace is as safe as possible. The health, safety and well being of our employees is paramount and we want everyone to continue to be safe at work.

We know that this is an anxious time for many of you and we have decided that having in place an agreement with each individual would be a good and positive step towards providing reassurance and protection for everyone. More than that we want to ensure that the risk of spreading Covid-19 to your family and the wider community is also minimised.

As such, we are requesting that employees comply to following all the rules detailed in this agreement so that we can achieve these aims. Failure to comply will be dealt with under the Company’s Disciplinary Procedures.

This policy is not contractual and will be subject to regular review and updates.

Please ensure that you have read the content below and sign both copies of this agreement to confirm your acceptance returning one to your manager for your file.

Covid Risk Assessment

In consultation with our employees, the company has carried out the health and safety risk assessment. We continue to welcome any comments or feedback on the risk assessment and the actions we have put in place in light of the results of this assessment. You must adhere to all the guidance regarding hygiene, social distancing and, as applicable, the wearing of PPE.


The Risk assessment can be accessed on \\MI-DC-01\Public  and look for “Martel Covid 19 information.”

It is also available online at

If you receive a call from a Contact Tracer please feel free to talk about this policy and the risk assessments which have been carried out.

Covid safe procedures to follow in the workplace

To help you comply with the risk assessment we have implemented the following workplace procedures:

  • Your temperature will be taken upon arrival, and at regular intervals throughout the day. Should your temperature exceed 38°C you will be required to take a temperature test. Should this test exceed 38°C we will ask you questions from the 111 Coronavirus website – – the outcome of which will determine whether you remain on site or are required to self-isolate.
  • Floor markers have been put in place throughout the building to help you adhere to 2 metre social distancing requirements.
  • Covid 19 information posters are available throughout the building.
  • PPE is provided by the company, when needed, it should be requested from the person conducting regular temperature checks.
  • Plastic cups have been removed from all water stations, and you have been provided with a water bottle for your use only, which must be washed at the end of each day, either in the Company dishwasher or taken home.
  • Additional clocking stations have been implemented throughout the factory, however, please be aware of the 2 metre social distancing rule when queueing to use a station.
  • Additional ESD sign in stations have been implemented throughout the factory. Please use the station designated to you by your line manager.
  • We have put measures in place to ensure that all public areas, including toilets are cleaned at least twice per day
  • We have provided you with a Pathfindr Safe Distancing Assistant which will tell you when you are less than 2 metres for anybody. It must be worn unless you have to be within two metres for training in which case you must wear a mask. You are responsible for keeping it charged. (rechargeable – a charge should last 4-5 days).

You must adhere to the following:

  • Make use of the hand sanitization stations available at staff entrance and exits.
  • When answering the door at Main Reception, or Warehouse, you must wear gloves and a mask.
  • You must wash your hands regularly throughout the day, or hand sanitize.
  • You are responsible for your own work station, and cleaning should be done regularly throughout the day.
  • Desk hopping / tool sharing should be kept to a minimum, and if used, you are responsible for the cleaning of such.
  • You must use full PPE (mask and gloves) for close contact or training. Masks must be changed regularly throughout the day.
  • PPE should be requested from whomever is taking the temperatures
  • You must take care in the corridors and be aware that other staff members may be out of your line of sight.
  • You have been assigned a specific canteen and toilets to use. Please do not use any other areas without permission from your line manager.
  • Please use the Vacant / Engaged sign on your designated toilet door entrance to ensure that social distancing guidelines can be met in all bathrooms.
  • You must use, and keep to, the designated walkways which have been implemented from the main building to the cabins, toilets and smoking areas.
  • You must use the social distancing markers in place at the designated smoking areas.


  • From the Cabins to the main building, mask and HI-VIS must be worn.
  • A cabin window must be opened when soldering.
  • When using the kitchen area, a mask needs to be worn by both employees.
  • When leaving the cabin for any purpose, your HI-VIS must be worn.
  • Walkie Talkies must be kept charged, and are for emergency use only.
  • Fire extinguishers and first aid kits have been supplied for your use.

Flexi Line

  • You must use gloves for changing the feeder and setting up.
  • Only use wipes to clean the machine, no liquid of any kind.

 Car Park

  • You must keep one car park space between cars to allow social distancing upon arrival and exit each day.

Attending work

1 If you or anyone in your household has symptoms of Coronavirus and you cannot work from home;

Stay away from site

Inform your line manager

Get yourself and the person with symptoms tested.

When you get the results;

If both negative, return to work as normal, you will be paid for a maximum of 4 days to cover the period of obtaining the test result

If either test is positive

Continue to isolate and do not return to work until the date directed by NHS. Guidance.

Subject to the conditions below, you will receive your normal salary.


2 If you or anyone in your household is contacted by NHS test & trace and told to self isolate, you must Isolate and do not return to work for the period advised


You must Inform your line Manager.


In order to qualify to receive your normal salary for the period of your Covid absence you must  provide your Line Manager with the following;

1          Your isolation note

2          If you have had a test, Your test result


The Company may decide to provide you with a covid test directly should you be unable to access an NHS test. Please continue to ensure your contact details are up to date.


If you experience symptoms at work advise your line manager immediately and await their instruction.

Outside of work

Whilst we recognise that everyone is entitled to a private life, at the moment, our actions outside of the workplace may impact on the safety of those we work with and the wider community. For this reason, we ask that everybody follows the government COVID-19 guidelines for social distancing at all times including when away from work.

Please note guidelines with regards to restrictions will change according to the government instruction which can be found here:


How we will manage this

If the company has a reasonable belief that an employee has not been following the government guidelines we may ask them to remain away from work to ensure the safety of others. In the event that you are asked to remain away from work or are required self-isolate due to a breach of the government guidelines, this would be without pay.

The company may also consider failure to follow the guidelines to be a misconduct issue and may invoke the disciplinary policy up to and including dismissal on the grounds of gross misconduct.


 How to raise concerns

As your employer we want to make sure that your place of work is a free from potential risk as far as possible.

If you have reason to believe that a colleague has not followed the government guidelines you should report this to your line manager immediately with as much detail as possible.

Please note we will treat the reported incident sensitively.

If you feel unsafe whilst at work you MUST report your concerns to your line manager, or a Senior Manager on site, who will investigate and resolve.

The Company policy has been written to meet the aim of keeping you and your colleagues safe from CV related risk during the pandemic and to mitigate your loss of earnings that might arise , however the Company will be alert to what it sees as any abuse of the spirit of “payment during self-isolation policy” and will take all appropriate action in line with the staff handbook.

Some employees may be eligible to receive a government grant during periods of isolation.  Details will be provided by the contact tracer.


Taking annual leave

All leave should be requested using the normal process, with no plans being confirmed until authorisation is received. This is especially important in light of government travel and self-isolation guidance.

Travel Abroad

The government has implemented quarantine requirements so that anybody travelling to the UK from certain countries, even if they usually live here, will be required to self-isolate.

If you are requesting annual leave and plan to travel abroad, your request may be refused due to government guidance and the restrictions that it may put on your ability to work.

If you are planning to travel abroad, on pre-authorised annual leave and we are unable to accommodate you working from home after your return to self-isolate for 14 days we may need to give you notice to cancel your leave due to the impact on the business.

If you still take the holiday despite authorisation being declined, you will be deemed to be unavailable for work and, as such, will not be entitled to be paid for this period.  In addition, it may be considered a failure to follow a reasonable management instruction and, therefore, a potential disciplinary matter up to and including termination of your employment.

If you wish to cancel or change your holiday, please discuss this with your line manager and we will try to accommodate you.

Data Protection

If you report any health concerns and share personal data, we will treat this with sensitivity and in line with our data protection policy.

Rights of all

These rules have been introduced to ensure that our team has a safe place of work and that each member of our team understands the rights and responsibilities everyone has to a safe environment.