Printers for remote monitoring

Martel Instruments have developed a range of printers that specifically support remote monitoring equipment.

From weather stations to patient monitoring devices, our compact printers are an ideal solution for remote monitoring equipment that require a printing functionality.

We have a range of standard printers, however if what we have available isn't exactly what you need - we can build a printer to fit your exact specifications.printers_for_remote_monitoring

As with all Martel solutions - our printers for remote monitoring are available in any order quantity - if you require 10 or 10,000 units we can supply the numbers you require!

Due to our methods of manufacturing we can further customize any of our standard printers - from branding through to technical specifications.

This means if you are a remote monitoring device manufacturer - you can add a product to your range without the need to manufacture a new piece of equipment.

Contact us today to obtain a free sample printer for remote monitoring on sale or return basis.