Chart Recorder Printer

Launched in 2012, the chart recorder thermal printer is ever popular and we can supply you with thermal paper to accompany your printer.

Compact_chart_recorder_thermal_printerAlso known as the MPP3C00 and MPP4C00 the chart recorder printer range are compact panel printers with the ability to print multiple values on charts.

The printers are easily embedded into the applications which they support - providing extra functionality to equipment without the high risk of self manufacturing - resulting in a quicker time to market.

Available in any order quantity the chart recorder printer range can be further customized to meet the exact requirements of the products which it supports - ready to be dropped into the main product.

The software which comes with the printer, allows the end user to change various settings so the charts are recording within the frequency and detail which is required.

For more information on Martel's chart recorder printer download the fact sheet or contact us today.


The benefits of the MPP3C00 and MPP4C00

• Reduced time to market for equipment manufacturers that require a chart recorder functionality in their product

• Multiple data values printed on one easy to read chart

• Fully customized to meet the exact product specifications of the application that it is embedded into

• End user has the ability to easily scale up or scale down the axis of the charts providing the level of detail that they need

• End user has the ability to easily change timings of when the data is plotted on the charts so measurement can be made over any time period

• There is no minimum order quantity

• Available in 3" or 4"

• Compact and easy to embed