Ticket Printer - The Event Manager


Event organisers are adding thousands per year to their bottom line, simply by using our compact and portable printer - The "Event Manager" ticket solution 

  • The ticket printer reduces wastage of unused pre-printed tickets
  • This compact printer it also increases accuracy of audit trails on money handling
  • This very portable printer significantly reduces time spent on calculating receipts with end of day Z reporting

This ticket printer is not only providing event managers with an uplift in revenue stream through the increased visibility of money handling but the portable ticket printer is also saving them hours of administration in calculating revenue from events.

This unique portable printer device calculates ticket sales and provides an accurate reporting mechanism, which keeps track of money.

The ticket printer comes with software which allows the event company to programme four different ticket classes meaning calculation and reporting becomes much easier!

This ticket printer allows the company to set it up to print the logo of the event, date and time as well as other items so they support the professional image and branding of the event.

As there is no need for a PDA or terminal this portable ticket printer is low cost to operate and not dependent on additional hardware or software. After a recent trial of the compact printer at a US event Paul Vancore from Current Components tells us;

“Usually at an event there are over twenty sellers with more than 200 tickets each which have to be manually date stamped. If these tickets aren’t sold on that specific day – they have to be thrown away resulting in thousands of tickets being destroyed, which isn’t great from a cost or an environmental point of view! This ticket printer worked flawlessly  and never stopped even in extremely low temperatures in Buffalo! This compact printer removes the need to order and pay for pre-printed tickets. The event manager is a fantastic portable ticket printer helping save money, time and paper waste.”

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