High Speed Compact Thermal Printer

Martel's MCP4000 is a high speed compact thermal printer that is currently being used across a range of applications to provide extra functionality.


With easy connectors and a high resolution output, this portable printer lends itself to supporting products across various sectors such as:


  • Industrial - Connecting the MCP4000 to control devices provides hard copy data for a number of purposes including process regulation, numerical orders, tool machine and laser alignment.


  • Vehicles - This thermal printer can easily be embedded into transport to provide evidence of location, rest points, milage and receipts.


  • Medical and analytical - With the ability to print graphics as well as text, this 4" cased printer is a fantastic choice to support analytical and measurement equipment particuarly in the medical sector.


  • Security - The MCP4000 will connect and receive data from security systems such as access control, providing hard copy evidience of activity within buildings.


  • Mobile Work Force - For the employees that are out and about and require a compact printer, the MCP4000 is an excellent choice. From sales agents to health professionals, this ultra compact printer provides extra printing capability without the bulk!


  • Retail - Point of sales terminals that haven't the ability to print can easily be connected to the MCP4000 giving them extra functionality without having to replace them.


  • High speed printing
  • Silent printing
  • Compact printer
  • High resolution printing
  • Text and graphic printing
  • Uses high graded thermal paper for longer lasting print outs
  • Auto paper loading
  • PC and major POS terminal compatible
  • Maintenance free

As with all printers supplied by Martel Instruments, this high speed cased printer is available in any order quantity, so there is no risk of over ordering.

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