LCD and LED Displays

LCD and LED displays

With extensive experience in the design and manufacture of digital process indicators, graphic and character LCD modules, we offer a wide variety of modules. If our standard ranges do not provide the size or configuration you require, please contact us; our range of displays is constantly expanding and we specialise in the design and manufacture of customised LCD modules.


Graphic LCD Modules

The MCG Series of graphic LCD modules offers a choice of state-of-the-art technologies to provide compact solutions to most display requirements, including chip-on-board (COB), chip-on-glass (COG), chip-on-film (COF) and tape-automated-bonding (TAB). High-quality LCD panels featuring STN or FSTN mode provide high contrast and reliability. All graphic LCD modules can be tailored to your requirements or supplied with connectors or cable assemblies.

Features include: A wide choice of controller ICs • reflective, transflective or transmissive • STN: yellow/ green, silver or blue • STN: colour • FSTN:black or white • EL, L.E.D or CCFL backlight • standard or wide temperature range.



 Character LCD Modules

The MCX Series of character LCD modules offers an extensive choice of high-quality displays that can be tailored to your requirements. The character L.C.D modules can be supplied complete with your choice of connectors or ribbon cable assemblies to simplify their application.

Features include: Standard controller IC • 5V supply, 3V option • TN or STN • Reflective, transflective or transmissive • EL or L.E.D backlight • Positive or negative mode • STN:yellow/green, silver or blue • Standard or wide temperature range.




 Digital Panel Meters

The standard range of digital panel meters is manufactured using state‐of‐the‐art surface mount assembly equipment resulting in compact high‐quality digital panel meters. From the smallest modules to large DIN standard cased units, with a choice of liquid crystal or L.E.D display, the combinations are almost limitless. They are capable of measuring most parameters, performing a monitoring‐only role, or combining with single/dual set‐point relay control, analogue outputs or RS232C interface.


Features include: Auto‐zero • auto polarity and over‐range indication • differential and single‐ended inputs • low battery indication • display hold• LCD or LED display • backlight



To find out more about our custom LCD and LCD display solutions and how we could benefit your business, contact us today.