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A leader for over 20 years in the manufacturing of sterlization and disinfection equipment, Prestige Medical supply over 80 countries worldwide.

Their mission is to “deliver the most effective solution, impart their specialist knowledge of dental infection control and design a system that’s exactly right” for their clients.

Prestige wanted a cased printer that was coloured and branded in line with their product range. Their priority -  as with all suppliers – is first and foremost product reliability and robustness.

Obtaining fully own branded printers including colour-matched casing from traditional high-volume manufacturers, would normally require volume commitments in excess of their requirements.

They needed a flexible supply to minimise risk of high order commitments, with a competitive price!

A solution such as this would increase the opportunity for additional sales revenue and add further value to their existing product offering.

The solution

Martel offered Prestige Medical an ideal solution to their requirements.

Using Martel’s  flexible in-house injection moulding technology, printer casings could not only be produced in the colour Prestige required, but also in the precise volumes that they required.

Prestige now have the ability to sell a competitively priced own-branded printer, which has meant more sales.

Ian Davies from Prestige Medical tells us;

“Additional products enhance our product offering, however there isn’t a cost benefit to making these inhouse due to the cost of engineering and R&D. Therefore we chose Martel as they provide the product reliability, supply flexibility and cost- competiveness we need to enhance our offering.”

Ian goes on to tell us;

“Prestige does benchmark Martel from time to time and have never felt the need to make a change in the five years we have been using them.”