Medical device printers

printers_for_medical_applicationsMedical device printers - your customer trusts your device, let them trust your printer as well

We manufacture custom printers for medical devices and have a full understanding of regulatory requirements in medical device manufacturing.

Our custom printers for medical applications can also be ordered on low order quantities.

Offering a custom printer with the right functionality and performance can significantly enhance your product's appeal. Ensuring that you comply with FDA and other regulations as quickly and efficiently as possible, is fundamental to your success.

In Martel you have found a custom printer partner who will help you identify and design a printer solution that meets your specific needs, and manufacture in the quantities that you require.

Martel has over 30 years experience designing and producing label, barcode and document custom printer solutions for manufacturers worldwide, for applications ranging from laboratory sterilizers to patient monitors to leading-edge point-of-care diagnostic equipment.

By combining specialised technical expertise and low-volume printer production capability, and a track record of meeting FDA and other international certification and registration requirements, we can help you deliver market-winning products that meet your precise needs and accelerate your time to market.

Custom printers for your precise requirements

Our technical team will work with you to identify your precise form, function, performance and integration needs. With 200 embedded, cased•and mobile printer options, plus unlimited media, case colouring, labelling, hardware, firmware and software variations, customisation•possibilities are endless.

Custom printers with FDA compliance 

We can ensure that your custom printer comfortably satisfies the safety and performance, quality system and labeling requirements with which your product must comply.

We will provide the necessary printer design, testing and supporting documentary evidence to minimise the time and effort of clearance through product certification processes such as FDA Marketing Clearance (510k) and Approval Letter (PMA) or Product Development Protocol processes.

ISO‐9001 accredited, Martel already fulfils the additional design and manufacturing systems control requirements to support compliance with FDA QS (21 CFR part 820) and ISO13485, and can accommodate whatever specific test regimes you require.

Custom printers on low order production - minimising your exposure to high order or stock commitments

Martel's specialised vertically integrated printer manufacturing operations are designed specifically for low‐volume production.

With full process control, in‐house printer design and over 25 years of printer manufacturing experience, we are uniquely placed to meet your precise volume requirements. More about our custom printers 

Accelerate your time to market

Martel provides a complete end‐to‐end solution—from printer design through to printer manufacturing and ongoing support—that enables you to focus on your core business of delivering market‐winning products as quickly and profitably as possible.

To find out more about our bespoke and custom printer solutions, please contact us.