Custom printers for automotive applications


Custom printers and meter printers for automotive applications

Martel is a printer manufacturer who produce custom printers for every application, including the automotive and transportation sector.

Whether it is a compact printer, panel printer or a meter printer we can produce it for you.

From vehicle printers to barcode printers, from label printers or ticket printers – Martel will design a bespoke printer to meet your needs.

Whatever niche you serve, if you are supplying equipment to the automotive and transportation sector, you have one thing in common: buyers with a strong expectation of quality, reliability and value.

To succeed in this competitive market, peripherals such as printers should integrate tightly with your core application and provide the precise functionality and performance your customers need to meet the rigours of the field or workshop.

You can maximize your product and ancillary revenues, by providing bespoke printers with the finish, color and labelling which meet your precise brand requirements.

Yet finding a printer partner that will help you identify and design a solution that meets your specific needs, and manufacture in the quantities that you require, can be challenging at best, impossible at worst. Until now.

For over 30 years, Martel has been designing and manufacturing custom mobile and panel printer solutions for automotive and transportation equipment suppliers worldwide, for applications ranging from battery testers and gas analyzers to bus ticketing.

By combining specialised technical expertise and low-volume printer production capability, we can help you deliver market-winning products that meet your precise needs and accelerate your time to market.

Custom printers which meet your precise printer requirements

Martel's technical team will work with you to understand your precise form, function, performance and integration needs. With 200 embedded, cased and mobile printer combinations, plus unlimited media, case colouring, labelling, hardware, firmware and software variations, and ruggedized accessories, the customisation possibilities are endless.

Flexible custom printer production volumes that minimise your exposure to high order or stock commitments

Martel’s specialised vertically integrated printer manufacturing operations are designed specifically for high‐quality, low‐volume printer production. With full process control, in‐house bespoke printer design and over 25 years of printer manufacturing experience, Martel are uniquely placed to meet your precise volume requirements. More about our custom printer solutions.

Accelerate your time to market

Martel provides a complete end‐to‐end solution—from printer design through to printer manufacturing and ongoing support—that enables you to focus on your core business of delivering market‐winning products as quickly and profitably as possible.

To find out more about our custom printer solutions please contact us.