Mobile Printing

Mobile printing is becoming more and more necessary as applications and devices become mobile themselves.

Martel Instruments have a range of thermal and impact printers that support the need for mobile printing. Our printers are already being used for a range of needs in the healthcare, logistics and automotive sectors to name just a few.mobile_thermal_printing

If our exsiting range doesn't quite meet your exact needs - we have the ability to further customize printers to meet specific requirements. From branding to technical specifications, we can build the printer that you need.

Supplying to manufacturers and distributors, our printers are reliable, quality and are easy to maintain - bringing a huge range of benefits to the user.

Unlike traditional high volume manufacturers, Martel are able to manufacture in the quantities that are needed. If you require only 10 units we are able to supply 10 units - if you require 10,000 units we can supply 10,000 units!!

For more information on our printers that support mobile printing - contact us today.