Linerless Label Printer LLP1810

Linerless labelssuch as Maxstick, increase speed and efficiency and reduce costs - that's why we have launched a new linerless label printer that handles linerless labels.

As linerless labels don't have a backing this creates a huge range of benefits:

  • Linerless thermal Label PrinterLabels can be any length - they are not restricted to pre-cut sizes
  • There is no excessive wastage from the backing
  • No black sensor line is required
  • It speeds up any process of labelling - as there is no need to peel and stick
  • Labels are available in various adhesive patterns to meet your exact requirments

Our printers fully support linerless labels making them an ideal solution to support devices in a number of sectors including food service, warehousing and inventory, retail and medical.

As with all of our printers - we can further customize them to ensure that they meet your exact requirements.