Martel scores 100% satisfaction

At Martel we are always looking for ways to continue to improve our service. Which is why we have recently implemented a customer feedback process starting off with a round of telephone surveys.

We are delighted to report that of the first 50 customers to date surveyed – they all have rated that they are all satisfied with Martel’s customer service.

Joanne Hockaday, Martel’s Commercial Manager, tells us;

“The reason why we are carrying out this survey is to help us to find out what we can do differently to improve our whole offering to our customers.

Quality is at the heart of what we do – and to hear that we have a 100% satisfaction score so far in our customer service is simply outstanding.”

Joanne goes onto explain;

“The survey isn’t a one off - as we will be continually measuring a number of areas of our service to find out what our customers would like to see us providing.

We have also opened this up to an online survey for our customers – so that they can feedback to us at anytime.”

If you are a customer – why not have your say?  Complete the online survey today: