Our engagement process

Our engagement process

Martel engineers will work with you to design and specify an optimum solution and manage the development process from CAD to prototyping to full production helping you to accelerate your development programme and minimise your in-house engineering costs.


1. Needs assessment

Martel will work with you to understand your product and market needs, and specify the optimum solution that satisfies both your end-user and product integration requirements.

2. Design development

Starting from a set of core customizable components, Martel will develop a custom printer design, collaborating with your engineering team as necessary, for example to share CAD information.

3. Prototyping and testing

Martel will undertake whatever verification, validation and trial procedures you require.

4. Regulatory compliance

Martel will provide the support you need to ensure that you satisfy specific regulatory certification and management systems requirements.

5. Production

From prototyping to full production, Martel will ensure a seamless process that provides you with flexible, quality-assured supply.

6. Field Support

Martel remains on hand to support you and your clients through the entire life of your product.

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