Lifetime product supply

Discontinued printers? Not at Martel Instruments 

Martel will never leave their customers stranded with their "Lifetime Product Supply" promise

We’ve heard it so many times – manufacturers dependant on a supporting piece of equipment for their product, only to find out their supplier is about to discontinue it.

Sound familiar?

 Here at Martel, we provide a “Lifetime Product Supply” or LPS as we like to call it. What does this mean? Keith Walker, Managing Director of Martel Instruments tells us;

 “Not only do we offer our customizable printer solutions in low order quantities, we also make a promise to our customers that we will never ‘discontinue’ the printer which they have chosen to support their product.”

 The very nature of Martel’s solution allows them to keep their word. Keith explains how;

 “The printers we make are customizable from the inside out – they are “made to order”. There are many manufacturers who claim their printers are customizable, but they are basically a standard printer, which has had their clients colour and label applied to it. When the order numbers drop on these types of printers across the market, they stop making them. Our printers are built specifically for our clients products, meaning they support their device and their device only. Our manufacturing processes are based around this, so we will never make our clients printers obsolete.”

Keith concludes;

“This means that we will continue delivering the solution that our clients want or need now and for a lifetime!”

 Contact Martel today to find out how their customizable printers on low order quantities can add an additional revenue stream for your products.