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Pittcon 2014

By , 14 January 2014

In March our team will be making the trip over to Chicago to exhibit along with our partners Current Components at Pittcon 2014.

The event which attracts those who are or who support Laboratory Scientists - is an annual event which Martel have attended a number of years.

Keith Walker, Martels MD, explains;

"Pitconn is one of the international exhibitions which Martel attend along with our U.S partners Current Components on an annual basis. This exhibition in particular is an excellent way for us to meet potential buyers of our printers and for them to see first hand the superior quality of our manufacturing."

Martel's printers are manufactured in the UK and can adhere to strict regulatory requirements in place for devices that support the medical, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

Keith goes onto explain;

"Unlike traditional high-volume printer manufacturers - Martel are able to supply off the shelf compact printers as well as purpose built printers in any order quantities. Our manufacturing methods allow us to supply in the exact way our customers need to be supplied - from number of units, packaging, branding, technical specifications and any specific regulatory requirements.

Our ability to meet exact customer specifications and supply in any order quantity is something which most printer manufacturers can't compete with - which is what makes us different."

Martel and Current Components will be in booth 4617 - so do drop by to see the team if you are going along! 



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UK Manufacturing Bringing it home

By jonny cheetham, 25 September 2013

A recent article in Contact Magazine showed a trend appearing from firms who have previously manufactured overseas, bringing it back to the UK.

This coupled with recent research by the Institution of Engineering and Technology - showed that a huge 40% of it's members were thinking about bringing back production to the UK from China - is showing that overseas manufacturing isn't perhaps valued as it was before.

Keith Walker, Martel's Managing Director (pictured below with Colin Proudfoot, Martel's Finance Director) explains why businesses are opting to come back to the UK for manufacturing above Eastern Europe, China and the Far East;

"Initial production costs may have once looked cheaper - for example in the Far East - but development in these areas has meant that resource and labour isn't as cheap as it was a few years back. Along with this is the impact of logisitical issues and control.

Keith continues;

"Transport costs and issues with supply chain control all add to the bill - so on reflection what seemed like a cheaper option actually ends up eating into profit margins.

The UK have a great reputation in quality and service, and this is where Martel Instruments excel.

From a customer service level we are providing our customers with printers, that are fully customized to meet their exact requirements in the order quantities that they need. 

From a quality perspective - we are constantly winning new business and maintaining it due to our high quality production - what better testament could you have!."

Contact Martel Instruments today to find out more about their range of compact printers.

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Data logger printer launched

By jonny cheetham, 24 September 2013

Martel are extremely excited to bring a new printer range to the market - the MCL1000. A compact printer with memory capability.


This range combines both data logging and thermal printing into one unit, resulting in a great cost saving for those who require the ability to print on paper/labels aswell as store data electronically.

Joanne Hockaday from Martel tells us;

"We are extremely proud of the MCL1000 as it is a range that is setting the bar even higher in the world of compact printers."

Joanne goes onto explain;

"We found that there is a large market who not only require the ability to print but also to record data - and this market was traditionally having to purchase two different products to fulfil their needs. 

The MCL1000 means that both data logging and printing can be done on the one unit, therefore reducing the costs, which is an excellent benefit and an attractive proposition."

Joanne concludes;

"This data logger printer has a whole host of other benefits such as customization and there being no minimum order quantity."

Download this fact sheet for more information or contact Martel today to arrange a free sample on a sale or return basis.

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